The Shopkeeper: A Steve Dancy Tale

There are a lot of action packed books out there in the market for us to seek out.

Honour among thieves by Jeffrey Archer is one of my favourites, the Godfather by Mario Puzo is also very good. All of these established works have gained a large following due to their riveting plots and the ability to hook the readers immediately. Although one should read these great authors, it is important to remember that there are other budding writers around the block who are currently displaying a lot of potential when it comes to writing extremely good books on adventure and action.

One of the series of books that has been catching good reviews have been the Steve Dancy series.

Although I have not developed much of a taste for westerns, this one pretty much held my attention throughout. The story is about a New York shopkeeper called Steve Dancy. He wishes to explore and seek out adventure, so towards that end he sells off his shop, discards the comforts of his own home for the harsh air of the West. Looking for adventure he travels to the state of Nevada and the silver mines that exist there.

Adventure does indeed find him, Steve manages to find a lot of troubles, beautiful girls and ruthless killers, throw in some Nevadaian history and you have the Shopkeeper.

The story has a very fast pace, the hero has a duality about him sometimes being the villain as well. But he manages to produce the goods in taking out numerous bad guys.

I liked reading the shopkeeper and enjoyed the descriptive characters and riveting action immensely. Looking forward to the next book in the Steve Dancy series.